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Our Mission, Goals, and Philosophy

Mission Statement

To provide an educational and kingdom experience in the lives of students, which leads to the formation of identity, honor, and character through Christ. Launching them into their divine calling and purpose.

Vision Statement

We strive to provide an educational environment through biblical knowledge, structure and order. Through worship, prayer, and devotion, a kingdom culture is formed, which impacts future generations.

Core Values

Missions & Community Service

  • We are an educational ministry whose primary core value is to share the word of God and teach our students to do so and to serve one another, the community, and those within the community. Discipleship training is used school-wide to challenge our staff and students to develop projects that help serve our community and others around them.


  • Understanding that God is worthy of worship in everything we do is an essential part of what SDCA is about. We are preparing all of our students to be lifetime worshippers, using all of their gifts to glorify God. We believe worship is one of the most important things we can teach students because it is a one on one connection with the Father.

Christian Community 

  • Creating a "church family” community through missions, trips, retreats, clubs, small groups, Bible classes, and discipleship, we will teach God’s truth through mentor and peer relationships.

Safe Learning Environment

  • We will create a safe, healthy, inclusive, and loving environment through biblical affirmation, advocacy, and structure. Early academics is the foundation for preparing students for a lifetime of success.

Customer Service

  • Acknowledging that we are a business and that families and their children are our customers, we will do everything we can to serve them better without compromising biblical and professional ethics.


Student Outcomes

​Sons + Daughters Christian Academy Students will:

  • Read at the appropriate grade level

  • Write and speak clearly as a means to express their ideas, thoughts, and creativity

  • Demonstrate the appropriate math skills for their grade level

  • Understand the general history of Virginia, the United States, and the world

  • Understand the science of God’s creation and how to apply the scientific method of investigation

  • Demonstrate growth in their academic ability from year to year in a measurable way

  • Learn successfully in a variety of  methods whether in-person, independently, or online

  • Apply a variety of technology skills to create presentations that communicate learning

  • Collaborate productively with their peers in various academic and extracurricular activities.

  • Utilize critical thinking skills to create meaning from that knowledge in new and diverse situations

  • Develop effective communication skills

  • Know the basic tenants of the gospel and the pathway to salvation and a biblical worldview

  • Identify themselves as leaders by virtue of their Christian character and influence on others around them

  • Experience a sense of worship and relationship in chapel services

  • Participate in school academic, and/or artistic extra-curricular activities

  • Participate in various community service or mission projects within their community

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